Color management: SINAR

Digital imaging devices have become standard for professional and amateur photographic applications. However, the spectral behaviour of state-of-the-art sensors still does not match that of the human visual system, resulting in metamerism. As long as colourimetric sensors are not available, the imaging industry has to rely on sophisticated colour management software. For colourimetric reproductions of artwork, various methods involving multi-spectral captures have been investigated. Even though they can substantially improve colour fidelity, they are not suited for applications such as fashion, landscape photography, or photography of people. In collaboration with Sinar AG, the University of Basel is working on an integrated, automated method to prove the quality of sensors and calculate a colour transform for each digital back. A virtual camera model based on real measurements makes it possible to calibrate the camera system within a manufacturing workflow. The colour transform will further improve the out-of-the-box colour reproduction of real-world photographic applications. The appropriate colour transforms are based on a large set of synthetically generated colours. The resulting colour transform can be found either by numerical optimization or by using a look-up-table (LUT) approach.
This project was supported by the Commission for Technology and Innovation of the Swiss Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology and by industrial partners.