More than 20 years of practice in interdisciplinary research

International Image Interoperability Framework

Our goal is to promote and enhance IIIF server technology for archiving. We are about to use the on the fly transcoding for video as well, to be able to offer a full feature media sever, optimized for archival purposes.

Database and Data Modeling

We are RDF experts and have rich knowledge in designing ontologies, performant data base designs, that fulfill the highest needs regarding interoperability and simply maintenance.

Web Graphics Library

We are using WebGL for the visualization of RTI images and photographically gained textures, that can be applied on 3D meshes.

Color Science, Color Management, Color Technology

We have a deep knowledge in color science, color transforms. We are doing research in color vision and high fidelity color renderings.

Storage Architecture

We make use of state-of-the-art technologies for simple, functional and efficient storage solutions. We consult multiple archives and museums.

Analogue and Digital Photography

Our roots are scientific photography and we still take care on that topic. We have rich knowledge in analogue and digital photography, studio techniques, reproduction of artwork and new computational methods.

Digital Preservation and Access

We are pioneers in digital preservation, developed bits-on-film solutions like Monolithâ„¢ and have implemented storage networks for automatic redundancy balancing and migration. We are the host of the TI/A initiative.

Reflection Transformation Imaging

We are well experienced in calculating and visualization of RTIs. We develop new software to be able to reproduce gloss and mat materials properly and we can embed RTIs in Virtual Research Environment.

Camera Scanner Design

We did multiple industry projects to enhance scanners for motion picture, sound and photography. Due to our knowledge in optics and electrical engineering we are able to find pragmatic solutions.

Research Environment

We developed SALSAH and KNORA, fully web based solutions for the work with digital sources. We are operating the Data and Service Center for the Humanities in Switzerland and are host for multiple international projects.

Film Technologies

Due to our roots in photography, we have a lot of knowledge in film chemistry and historical photographical methods.