To display the contents of a motion picture archive in the future, it will be necessary to scan the films in equivalent digital quality, following the standards of preservation recommendations. Conversion to digital formats is inevitable because of advantages like the accessibility, ease of distribution, and ease of reproduction of digital objects. Digitization is now limited by economic constraints rather than by technical possibilities.
AFRESA is an integrated system consisting of a high quality scanner and cascaded software tools for automatic image acquisition, reconstruction, export and structured storage. The reconstruction includes procedures such as dust and scratch removal, model-based color correction, image stabilization, and the recognition and extraction of text (OCR), i.e. title, subtitle and end titles for the retrieval of metadata, which is stored in an integrated database. Finally, a sophisticated method for reconstructing optical sound is included. An integrated viewing tool makes it easy to classify digital assets. The system is designed as a mobile rental system to be used within archives. By integrating all necessary process components, costs can be kept down, making possible the efficient digitization and processing of a large amount of archived film, even for archives with small budgets.
This project was supported by the Commission for Technology and Innovation of the Swiss Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology and by industrial partners.